Policy & Liability

These Policies & Liabilities are applicable to all of our services. If not adhered to for any reason without verbal or written consent from Walks & Wags Pet Service, LLC, your service will be subject to a penalty fee or termination.


Closed - Sundays.


Scheduling & Cancellations - Last minute scheduling is accepted. / A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or you will be charged for that day's service. / Please notify us if you will be arriving home early. If we come out for a visit and you have arrived home before your scheduled time, or you are still at your home, you will be charged for that visit.


Payments - All payments will be made in full on or before the day of any service unless other arrangements with Walks & Wags have been made. You are welcome to pay via credit or cash. / Exact change will be accepted as your payment. Any monies we receive over your total will be accepted as gratuities, but will not be considered as credit towards future services. / We do not, under any circumstances, give refunds for any of our services. Any prepaid amount can be used as credit towards any service at another time. Overdue invoices are subject to a $5 per day Overdue Fee. / All week-long (Monday - Friday, mileage not included) bookings will receive a 10% off discount.


Holidays - There is a $25.00 per day surcharge if we come out on the major holidays. Those are: New Years Day & Eve, Easter, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day & Eve.


Miscellaneous - As a measure of safety for us, as well as other persons involved, we do not make, carry out, or complete a visit if a man is on the premises alone for any reason. You will still be charged for that visit if a 24 hr notice has not been given. This is a non-negotiable policy and will be strictly enforced. If others will be in and out, please notify us so that we can coordinate our arrivals to always be at the house alone. / Oral or topical medications administered only. No shots. / Vaccinations and ID tags are recommended, though not required. / Overbearing dogs will be walked separately if there is more than one dog. Overbearing does not necessarily mean "large", so if there are overbearing small dogs, they too will be walked separately. / Walks & Wags reserves the right to use photos or videos that we may take of your pets while we are making a visit, for our website and social media marketing, including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Walks & Wags will only use images of your pet, and will not compromise the security or location of your home in any way.  If you do not want your pet to be included in our promotional marketing, you may request that their image not be used.

                                         Vet Policy

Please alert your vet to the time you will be away, and inform them of our presence with your pets, in case of emergency. 


There will be a $25.00/hour charge for an emergency vet trip.


We will always attempt to contact you for permission to take your pet in, however if it is a serious emergency, we will contact you on our way to your vet's office.


Although accidents are rare, and we will do everything we can to provide conscientious and excellent service to you and your pets, Walks & Wags Pet Service is not liable for the following:


  • Damage to your home by your pet (we will attempt to clean up any messes we find). Please notify us within 12 hours if you find anything questionable.
  • The security of your home.
  • Injuries or illnesses that your pet incurred on or outside of your property.
  • Injuries or illnesses transmitted to us or any other persons or animals by your pet during the Set Up Appointment or your time away.
  • Escape of your pets beyond our control, not due to negligence on our part.
  • Injuries or accidents incurred during an emergency vet trip.
  • Injuries, disease or illness transmitted by your pet to ourselves or any persons or animals.
  • For the expenses of an emergency vet trip should one occur on a visit with your pet.


Walks and Wags Pet Service is happy to serve you Monday - Saturday 9a - 11p.

We are closed on Sunday to rest our weary paws.

Walks & Wags Pet Service, LLC

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Tel: (715) 220-3880

Em: info@walkswags.com


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