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Walks & Wags:

Walks & Wags Pet Service, LLC is a Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service. Established in 2007, Walks & Wags serves the pet owners of the Prescott, WI and Hastings, MN area. It is the goal of Walks & Wags to go the extra mile to ensure that you receive excellence in the way that we carry out all of our services for you and your pet. We are not content to just do a job, but to do it with care, safety and quality. This attention to detail and care is appreciated not only by our human clients, but our four-legged ones as well!



Walks & Wags Pet Service, LLC is: 

A Limited Liability Company

Registered with both the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin

Insured and Bonded with Maurer Foster Inc. Bond & Insurance, Lansing, MI.


Michelle DelCastillo started her career with Walks & Wags by assisting the original owner, Candiss DelCastillo, in founding Walks & Wags Pet Service in 2007. Michelle assumed ownership of Walks & Wags, LLC at the beginning of 2015, and is excited to bring its services to an ever expanding geographic area in the coming years. She has had extensive experience in handling a wide variety of animal life during her years with Walks & Wags, and she possesses a clear understanding of animal behavior and tendencies. Michelle makes every effort to cultivate and maintain a special bond with each pet client.


Miriam King lives in Prescott, Wisconsin on a grassy island surrounded by seas of field corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. She has loved animals all her life. Even when she was a child, she preferred stuffed animals to baby dolls. Miriam and her family owned a Siberian Husky for 12 years and she actively participated in the responsibility of caring for a dog. 

Miriam has had a wide range of experience with all types of animals. Her next-door neighbors owned horses and cows, chickens, dogs, and barn cats, which she helps take care of, and also enjoys just spending time with them. She is not afraid of getting up close and personal with any sized animal, with respect to their personal comfort zone. 

On several occasions Miriam has assisted Candiss and Michelle DelCastillo with their behavioral training for pets and she has known the DelCastillo family for over 10 years. Miriam is pursing a career as a novelist. Her love for animals continues and she is excited to be a part of the Walks & Wags team.

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Walks and Wags Pet Service is happy to serve you Monday - Saturday 9a - 11p.

We are closed on Sunday to rest our weary paws.

Walks & Wags Pet Service, LLC

Prescott, WI - Hastings, MN

Tel: (715) 220-3880

Em: info@walkswags.com


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